In London, Professor Van Helsing receives a letter from his disciple and friend, Jonathan Harker, who had left a few weeks earlier to hunt down Voivod Dracula and bring an end to his activities. In this message, the young man explains that he has found the castle and has even managed to enter it. Unfortunately, the arrival of this letter tends to prove that Harker has become a victim of the vampire, as he should have arrived several days before the letter did. Moreover, various tragic recent incidents persuade Van Helsing that the Count is in London. In fact he believes him to be in Bloomsbury around the cemetery that backs onto the old private house of the Godalming family. With research, Van Helsing learns that Dracula has come to London in search of an antediluvian manuscript containing the details of a strange rite. This rite apparently summons the damned back to Earth and the Count is planning to use the rite to bring his loved one back to him and to rain chaos on humanity. To add to the horror of the situation, it seems that Harker’s fiancée is the perfect vessel to host the damned soul of Dracula’s lost love.

In the role of Professor Van Helsing, the player will throw himself into a relentless hunt full of terrifying leaps and bounds. To go off on his search, the professor must leave the beautiful Mina and explore the paths of a lugubrious London cemetery and the sinister rooms of a derelict London house. The hunt continues in Cairo among Egyptian relics in a museum and through the tortuous alleys of the city; the player will have to escape the horrible degenerate vampire, the product of a failed ancient rite who is trying to escape a cursed tomb. Then, the hunt brings Van Helsing to Vienna on the tracks of a lost monk. He visits the salons of Vienna’s brilliant aristocracy and a Rococo library bursting with forgotten secrets. Here Van Helsing discovers that, to get hold of his informer, he has to find his way into an isolated and troubling monastery where damned monks wander and stop their evil plans.  The vampire hunter has to go to Transylvania at last, to the famous castle of Dracula. His journey is coming to its end or rather to its origin, that of Dracula and that of Evil…


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