Young, attractive religious character who has been broken by his loved one’s suicide. Count Dracula has since become a blood-thirsty monster wreaking vengeance and doomed to immortality. Dracula is a monster but also a godless soul, rejected by God and man, he is a character that inspires both fear and pity.

Van Helsing is a famous Dutch teacher at the University of Medicine in London. He is however, even better known as a vampire slayer.  Dynamic and brave, full of compassion and respect for others, Van Helsing is above all driven by his quest to destroy Evil. He has devoted his life to his mission of eliminating Dracula.

Jonathan Harker’s fiancée, pupil and friend of Van Helsing. She is the incarnation of the young devoted woman, brave and pure: the perfect victim to be sacrificed for the Demon. She succumbs to Dracula who sees her as the ideal vessel for his lost lover.

This young doctor is another of Van Helsing’s disciples and has been sent to Mina’s bed side to free her of the Vampire’s demonic grip.

A priest living in Cairo who is a sage and a healer. He knows how to free you from the demon’s grip. He is too old to do it himself but is willing to help the right people to allow Good to triumph.

As beautiful as she is Evil, this female vampire has devoted herself to serving and protecting Dracula.

Dracula’s coachman in Transylvania, he is utterly devoted to his master. He is demonic, of ill intent and despises the human race. He is always willing to do any dirty work asked of him by his master.
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